El chaleco, la prenda camaleónica que siempre será pura tendencia

The vest, the chameleonic garment that will always be pure trend

Vests are undoubtedly one of the most special and unique garments in our collections. They were one of the first pieces that we designed at World Family Ibiza more than 20 years ago and since then, they have always been present accompanying all kinds of looks , both autumn and winter. For us it is a chameleon garment due to its great power and strength, and because it is so versatile and timeless, that it can be combined with a dress, with jeans or even over a jean jacket or a sweater when it is colder.

This year, in our firm we have opted to create a very exclusive collection designed and made entirely by hand in our workshop in Ibiza by Merel and Goldie, using the textiles that we have collected throughout our trips around the world; fabrics from the most special tribes that we have visited and that we have kept every year to create very, very special pieces. This is the case of the Quetzali vest , one of the new vests this season, created with Mongolian sheep fur –a soft hair that is a little longer than usual– with a pleasant touch and light weight, which can be easily folded and stored. in a bag when we don't need it, for example. In addition, it also has a fine wadding inside, which gives the vest a padded effect and, in turn, provides greater protection from the cold.


As you can see in the photographs, the interior of each vest is combined with the fabric on the outside; all created with a lot of love and taking care of even the smallest detail so that it becomes a garment that accompanies you for the rest of your life.

The Afghani vest is another of our most unique, bohemian and different garments. They are a small collection of original Vintage vests from Afghanistan, handmade from recycled leathers and fabrics from old jackets from the 60s and 70s, with a retro style and hand-embroidered with satin thread, which causes a wow effect. to touch and sight.

World Family Ibiza

These special vests are top quality and very warm. They have a very natural and autumnal background color, and embroidery in more striking colors to produce a visual contrast. With them you will not only feel the purest essence of past fashions but also a special comfort, and if you combine them with our new collection of leather boots , available on our website and store, you will have a most groundbreaking boho and native look! !

This small collection of Quetzali vests and Afghani vests are not available on our website because we create them as inspiration arises, and since there are no two the same because each model is unique and different, to buy them or to see more photographs of each model you can contact us through our email: info@worldfamilyibiza.com or Instagram .

With love,

World Family Ibiza team

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